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University Blues… How to get money for my research?

It’s the period of proposals and applications for grants, and therefore time for a quick article on how we get money to do research. Projects, Grants, and Funding Agencies Imagine you are a researcher in a university. Unless you accessed the Academic Holy Grail and got a tenure position, your salary is not paid by […]

Crash course on publishing: the peer-review process

For those of my readers who are not in the academia, “peer-review process” can be a bit of a weird and barbaric name. But behind this name is hidden a capital (in my opinion and one of many researchers) part of the making of new knowledge. When researchers work on a new idea, they create […]

I am starting a Research Blog! 

Hello visitor! Today I am starting a Research Blog. I am going to talk about Artificial Intelligence, talk about papers (mine but not only), talk about things happening when you are an academic researcher and/or an expat… In brief, talking about a lot of things related to me and my work. This blog is going […]